Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us for further questions or clarification.


Can I register for multiple classes and weeks?

Absolutely! We encourage placing students in as many activities as possible to keep students engaged during the summer.


Is there an all-day option?

Yes! To sign up for the all-day option you will need to book both the A.M. and P.M. classes for that week. You will also need to sign up for the lunch session for that week. Students will need a sack lunch if staying for the lunch session. 


Is snack and water provided for my student?

Enrichment Nation does not provide food to students. We have a scheduled snack break where students may enjoy a snack from home. Please ensure these snacks are nut free. Water is not provided by Enrichment Nation, however, there may be a water fountain on location. Please pack a water bottle, or two, for your student. Please note that students will be working with food during Bake off Week and Dessert Decorating Week.


Is the staff qualified to teach my student?

Our entire staff is live scanned, CPR/first aid certified, and experienced teachers.


What grade does my student have to be in to attend?

Students have to be between the ages of 5 and 12 to attend classes.


Are all ages together or separate during classes?

At Enrichment Nation, we love collaborative learning between all ages. Students will be in the same class regardless of age. This is great for siblings!


How do I access the waiver and rules?

The waiver and all corresponding forms are provided at the time of registration. In order to register your student for Enrichment Nation, the parent or legal guardian must complete all subsequent forms.


When is payment due?

Payment for each class is due at the time of registration.


What if I need to cancel?

We understand that life happens! If you need to cancel, we allow cancellations up to one week before the start date of the class. If you do cancel at this time, we allow a refund of half the cost of the class, minus applicable material costs (materials varied per class).

If you cancel with less than one week until the start of the class, no refund will be permitted.


Do you accommodate children with special abilities?

Yes! We encourage participation of students of all abilities at Enrichment Nation! We do recommend that your student is able to participate in activities with minimal assistance.


What if my student needs an emergency medication?

We ask that you provide Enrichment Nation with any emergency medications needed for your student. We will be outside for portions of the class. If your student has in insect allergy or asthma, please provide us with the appropriate intervention medications or inhalers.


Am I allowed to stay with my child during the class?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the privacy of other students, parents are not permitted to stay or observe classes at this time. However, we can provide you with a detailed activity list if requested.

What happens if my child has a “potty” accident during class?

All students need to be fully toilet trained to participate in Enrichment Nation. If an accident occurs, the parent/legal guardian will be notified immediately and will be required to assist their child. We cannot help children in the restrooms for any reason.


What happens if I am late to pick my child(ren) up from class?

A fee of $20.00 every 15 minutes (per child) will be assessed for late pickups. Furthermore, your student(s) will not be able to participate in further activities until the fee is paid. A refund for the remaining classes will not be given to those who do not pay the assessed late fee. 


What happens if my child(ren) miss a day or portion of class?

Unfortunately, there are no makeup days permitted if your student misses a portion or day of Enrichment Nation’s activities.


What happens if I already know my child(ren) will be unable to attend one or more of the activities?

Unfortunately, you are still mandated to pay the full amount of the weekly cost if your student will be missing any portion or activities.