Meet our Summer Instructors



Completed her B.A in Educational Studies. She has worked as a teacher for the Castaic Union School District and Sulphur Springs School District. As a mom, Madi understands the developmental process and needs of young children.


Chris Bradfield

is an Internet and game industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in software and technology. During that time he has worked as a developer, engineer and manager for a number of technology startups. He is a strong believer in the value of learning to program and he founded KidsCanCode in 2013 with that mission. He teaches afterschool and summer classes for kids of all ages and experience levels.


Erin Donovan

has a terminal degree, a Masters in Applied Anthropology (masters plus 40) and has taught US and World History as well as Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology with Lab, Archaeology, Indians of North America, Women and Anthropology etc. for 20 years in homeschool and college settings

Autumn Bio Pic.jpg

Autumn Harding

is an artist, specializing in Fine arts as well as mix media, and digital arts. She does many things ranging from drawing, painting, photography, collage, and so much more. She has focused on many different design elements achieving awards for my arts as well as portrait photography. She has also always loved English & Science. She has plenty of experience working with large groups of children. Her teaching style is focusing on how students express themselves individually so that she can help tailor how different subjects are received by each student.

Chase Bio Pic.jpg

Chase Harding

is a graphic designer by trade. Ever since he was younger he has had a craving for creativity and would surround himself with inspiration. He has tried his best to learn all he can, from being a self taught special effects makeup artist to animating commercials, and doing product photography for Amazon. He strives every day to learn something new and put his talents to good use. One of his true joys in being artistic is sharing the knowledge he has with other people so they can achieve their creative vision, especially if they don’t know what it is.


Lizzie Scott

is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher who has expertise in math, language arts, and psychology.  Her classes incorporate discussions, games, and activities tailored to each student’s personality, strengths, and challenges. Lizzie holds both a B. A. in Psychology (with a minor in English), as well as an M. S. in Counseling and is finishing her doctorate degree in Psychology.  With experience in both the traditional classroom and small-group settings, Lizzie connects with her students as a group and as individuals, and works to build a supportive learning environment, and take the educational experience to a deeper level. As a member of Mensa and a game enthusiast, Lizzie has strong mathematical and logical skills as well, and uses games and fun activities to help students enjoy what they are learning and to bring out creativity and connection.  Lizzie creates classes that are exciting for those who already enjoy the subjects she teaches, engaging for those who tend to find the topics challenging, and fun for all!



is the oldest in a family of 6 children. She grew up in a reflective listening community of homeschoolers; open communication and mutual respect is a lifestyle for her, and not a technique. Meagan is a recent summa cum laude graduate of Gallaudet University, with a B.A. in Deaf Studies. She plans to travel abroad for graduate school. Meagan has extended her lifestyle and communication skills to Five in a Row and the children participating in this class. Her experience translates well in the classroom.


Kim Turney

received her bachelor's and master's degrees in Theater and Acting from Ohio State University.  She has tons of teaching, theater and acting experience.  In recent years, she has enjoyed working with children learning computer programming and Lego Robotics.  Minecraft is a personal favorite.  Kim knows how to connect with students and bring out the best in them!