Week of July 8th-12th

Location: 21704 Golden Triangle Rd, Ste 500, Santa Clarita, CA


AM/PM option is available (purchase Lunch Hour)

Lunch Hour- 12PM-1PM

Purchase if your child will be attending both the AM and PM classes in the same week.




Bake Off - Week of July 8th-12th - Time: 9AM-12PM

Week of July 8th-12th | Time: 9AM-12PM

In this hands-on, fun, and interactive baking camp students discover their inner chef. Each day students are taught essential skills of baking preparation, maintaining a clean work space, and proper measuring and baking techniques.

* ALLERGY/ INTOLERANCE ALERT: Parents and/or guardians are responsible for making staff aware of any allergies at the time of registration and before each class/camp is set to begin. Children will be consuming what they create at the conclusion of each class/camp.

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3D Printing & Computer Modeling - Week of July 8th-12th - Time 9AM-12PM

Week of July 8th-12th | Time 9AM-12PM | For Ages 9+

Come learn how to create your own 3D animations and bring it to life by printing them with the 3D printers!  Campers are introduced to popular animation software and led through the concepts needed to understand the vast world of 3D Computer Animation.   

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Science Club- Week of July 8th-12th - Time: 1PM-4PM

Week of July 8th-12th | Time: 1PM-4PM

In Science Club, students will participate in fun and engaging science projects and experiments. These experiments are meant to excite students about the world of science, inquiry, and experimentation. Students will feel like real scientists in this lively course!

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